Claire Massieu herself and Monika Peter are the makers behind this little brand. They create the patterns, the designs, the website, everything. They started in 2013 with a sewing atelier called "louloute" in Munich. Since then they hosted many sewing classes, wrote three sewing books in German and started to turn their local fashion brand "Claire Massieu" into "Claire Massieu | Collection & Patterns". 


The designs of Claire Massieu are timeless, easy to combine and have lots of lovely details. From everyday casual outfits to office and fancy occasions - they all make it work! 


Feel free to visit them at their sewing atelier louloute in Munich Westend - They would love to meet you! And remember - everything you do... DO IT OHLALA. 

Claire Massieu | Collection & Patterns


Gollierstrasse 33

D-80339 Munich

+49 89 6606 3456


salut {at}